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length: 130“ (10.8 feet)
width: 43” (3.6 feet) (machine is shipped with conveyor  system fully installed)
height: 81” (6.75 feet)  (when shipped the control screen boom is removed)
weight: 1700 lbs
Conveyor length: 126” (10.5 feet)
conveyor height: 40.5”(3.38 feet)
4 filling heads  •  single head Seamer  •  Non Contact Sensors  •  optional nitrogen doser
Machine Capacity “using air evacuation”: 40-50 bpm / cpm (bottles / cans per minute)
Machine Capacity “non air evacuation”: 50-60 bpm / cpm (bottles / cans per minute)
fill type: counter pressure
can stays fixed, seamer rotates around can

power supply: 110v 20 amp dedicated circuit is recommended
direction of movement: left to right
door swing: lexan doors open outward 18 inches
body: stainless steel
doors: lexan


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